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Smile Rewards

Healthy Smiles Rewards Program

The unique Smile Rewards Customer Loyalty Program at Healthy Smiles Dental is the first dental customer rewards program in Lancaster, PA! Now, while you take care of your smile - and your overall health - you can also earn rewards to spend on future dental visits or gift certificates for treats that add pleasure to your life.

Once you have enrolled in the program, you'll earn Smile Reward Points each time you have your dental work done at Healthy Smiles Dental. Routine dental care, such as having your teeth cleaned or getting a mouth guard, to advanced restoration procedures, such as dental implants and bridges all count towards your reward points! New patients automatically receive 100 free points when they enroll in the Healthy Smiles Dental Rewards Program! Your Smile Reward Points are credited to your Smile Rewards Account at the time we receive payment in full for your procedure, from you and/or your insurance company. The number of points you receive is based on the dollar value of that payment. If you choose to use a coupon you've clipped, you'll still get Smile Reward Points for the cost of your procedure, less the discount!

  • 50% off In-office Zoom® Teeth Whitening 2000 Smile Points

  • Free Custom Take-home Whitening system 2000 Smiles Points

  • $50 Restaurant Gift Certificate 5000 Smile Points

  • Free Sonicare® Toothbrush or Waterpik® Aquarias 5000 Smile Points

  • Free In-office Zoom® Teeth Whitening 6000 Smile Points

          *Rewards are subject to change

Smile Rewards Catalog of Premiums

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